Course Syllabus: English/ Language Arts 2

English/ Language Arts 2

Course Syllabus


Prerequisite:  Communication Arts 1

Length of Course:  First and Second Semester

Course Description:

Communication Arts 2 (also known as Language Arts 2)  is the study and application of  communication skills in the areas of grammar, literature, writing, and public speaking. During this course, a variety of activities will be used to evaluate these skills including:  reading/evaluating literature, evaluating grammar components, writing/editing different types of essays and paragraphs, and classroom presentations of projects.  Preparation for the End of Course Exam will focus on reading and evaluating literature and writing essays.


Instructional Philosophy: 

A wide variety of instructional strategies will be utilized including lecturing, informal and formal test evaluations, entire class and small group discussions and presentations, independent reading and writing assignments, and multi-media presentations.  


Major Course Goals:  


*  Apply decoding strategies to “problem-solve” unknown words when reading 

*  Develop vocabulary using roots and affixes, context clues, the glossary, dictionary
    and thesaurus
*  Apply pre-reading, during reading and post-reading strategies to aid comprehension
    and evaluation of texts
Use details from text(s) to analyze and evaluate text features, identify and explain
    literary techniques, analyze tone, and identify short story elements
*  Identify and analyze faulty reasoning and unfounded inferences, evaluate proposed
    solutions and accuracy and adequacy of evidence
*  Compare, contrast, analyze and evaluate connections between texts in various fiction
    and non-fiction works


*  Read and apply multi-step directions to perform complex procedures in writing a
    research paper 
*  Compose text using awareness of the audience, correct essay format, and creative
    writing techniques.

*  Identify and construct narrative, expository, persuasive, and descriptive essays 


*  In written text, apply conventions of capitalization, punctuation, and standard  usage.

Public Speaking:

Create concise presentations on a variety of topics, respond to feedback, defend
    ideas, and demonstrate poise and self-control


A+ Core Competencies:

1.  Students will identify and label library research components, locate resources,
     and write a research paper.  The assessment method for this competency will be
     a project grade using a rubric.
2.  Students will write eight types of paragraphs with appropriate graphic organizers
     and use them in their daily journal entries.  The assessment method for this
     competency will be a project grade using a rubric.
3.  Students will read The Scarlet Letter and compare/contrast it with Hawthorne’s
     short story called “The Minister’s Black Veil.”  The assessment method for this
     competency will be an essay grade


Major Course Projects and Instructional Activities:

*Reading/evaluating novels, short stories, and poetry *Writing/editing paragraphs and essays * Writing a research paper * Diagramming sentences and identifying/applying correct grammar usage and mechanics  *Practice tests to apply reading and writing strategies for successful completion of the End of Course Exam,  *Journal Writing


 Classroom Expectations:

*  Be in your seat with folder/journal when the bell rings or you will be counted tardy. 

*  A bathroom pass will cost you one tardy.

*  No food or drink allowed in classroom.

*  Fines will be assessed for damage to school property or books


Supplies and Materials Needed:

*  You will need a pencil or blue/black pen.

*  You will need a wide-rule spiral notebook for journal entries, a folder with
     pockets, and notebook paper for assignments.  PLEASE NOTE:  Your journal is
     not a diary.  Do not write anything that you would not want others to read.  Your
     journal will be checked  at mid-quarter and end of each quarter. You are
     accountable for the content of EVERYTHING you write! 


Homework Policy:

*  You are responsible for make-up work. 

*  You will not be allowed to return to your locker to get daily homework. 

*   Use only pencils or black and blue pens for writing assignments and tests.
    The teacher will grade in red or colored ink.
*  Late work will not be accepted except for excused absences, special conditions
    and the after-school PATHS program (80% is the maximum score for PATHS


Grading System:

A Weighted Score grading system is used in this class.  Assignments are categorized as follows with the indicated percentage used in determining the final grade. 


1st – 3rd Qtrs                                                                          

Daily Journal  Entries                                      = 15%            
Daily Homework (Pass /Fail)                          = 25%            
Tests, quizzes,writing projects & final            = 60%                                                                                                 
4th Qtr Only
Daily Journal  Entries                                       = 15%
Daily Homework (Pass /Fail)                           = 25%
Tests, quizzes,writing projects & final             = 40%
End of Course Exam                                         = 20%
Grading Scale:

97-100    A                  71-77     C       

93-96      A-                68-70     C-

90-92      B+                66-67     D+      

85-89      B                  63-65     D

82-84      B-                 60-62     D-

78-81      C+                59-0       F             


Extra Help:  Please schedule special appointments with the teacher before or after school for additional help with tutoring and classroom assignments.



Contact Information for Parents:



Phone:  (573) 562-7521 ext. 122

Planning Period: 2:02 - 2:56 PM


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