Please Note That This Is a Work In Progress... If You Have Feedback on it, Please email Odette or Colleen.

Lakeland Catholic's Digital Citizenship Curriculum is based on the 9 themes 
of digital citizenship as outlined by Mike Ribble ( 
We have expanded on each of the 9 themes to show the progression of learning from grades K-12 
and wherever possible, links to existing curricula are indicated.


We are all created in the image and likeness of Christ. 

What you do online, the images you view and post, the words you read and post, and the activities that you do all demonstrate how you respect yourself and other people. 

Following the laws of society (including those about privacy and free speech) and the laws set out for us in the Gospel in all of our online activities is important to demonstrate this respect for our fellow humans.

Following Jesus' example, we seek to reach out, to communicate with those around us. We both consume and create digital information in meaningful ways, contributing to the global community in a responsible and respectful manner.


We have a moral responsibility to protect the safety of ourselves and others in a digital environment. This includes protecting physical and emotional safety as well as the dignity of the human being. We must learn to promote and stand up for what is right and just.