What is TÉVA?

(transition de l’école à la vie adulte/active) is a process to assist students with exceptionalities in the transition from school life to adult life in the community.

The Ministry of Education (2004), mentions in its document Individualized Education Plans - Helping Students Achieve Success, that "the transition from school to working life is an important one, and for some students, special attention should be paid to this stage of their development. To facilitate the transition [from school to adult/active life], the individualized education plan should include longer- term, multi-sector planning involving social and occupational integration for when the student leaves school, covering work, leisure, transportation and so on. This longer-term planning should be included in both the individualized education plan and the service plan." Although the transition to working life is mentioned, a transition plan is student-centred and does not necessarily focus only on work, but rather focuses on all spheres of the student's life such as home, leisure, community engagement, transportation etc. 

The TÉVA process supports students with exceptionalities during the last three to six years of school to help them explore and discover their life goals and better prepare them for life in their community after their school years. It is a process that is student-centred and at the same time, community focussed: the student’s team work together to help the student find his/her voice and concretize his/her dreams for his/her future.

By working as a team, the school personnel, parents and community members aim to support a harmonious and uninterrupted transition where the young adult can continue to grow and learn outside of the school environment. In a well-prepared transition, the student will retain the skills he/she has learned and be able to bring them into the new situations he/she will be facing.

It's important to remember that the transition plan does not replace an IEP (Individualized Education Plan), but in fact, becomes an essential part of it when putting in place a plan to support a student for his/her adult/active life.

Documents supporting the TÉVA process may be found online at: 

http://centreofexcellence.etsb.qc.ca/ and follow the TÉVA links.