Counselor, Student and Parent information for enrollment in the part-time online program

The part-time program is for students who are interested in taking three or fewer courses online in a semester in addition to attending up to three scheduled classes at school. Since this is a program offered through the school, Counselors at our high schools must assist students in selecting the correct classes and getting signed up for an orientation. This program is free of charge for students who are enrolled full-time in the Peninsula School District and have their online classes scheduled by their Counselor. Classes taken beyond the six period schedule cost $325 plus the required $25 lab fee for the semester. ($25 per semester, not per course)

These are the steps to ensure a successful enrollment.
  • Students must be enrolled at one of PSD’s high schools, Gig Harbor High School, Henderson Bay High School or Peninsula High School.
  • Students meet with their Counselor (or CORE Teacher at Henderson Bay) to discuss whether online learning can work for them considering their learning style and academic plans.  Students must understand the expectations and requirements for the online program including being able to finish their online courses by the end of the semester no matter when they begin a class.
  • If an online class is a good choice for a student, the Counselor, student and parent must sign and return a counseling form which is called the Student Learning Plan. This form must list the specific classes students will be taking online. 
  • Only then, can Counselors have the student's schedule changed to accommodate the online classes.
  • Students pay a $25 lab fee through the school's bookkeeper unless this has been waived by the Principal. 
  • The Counselor sends the signed counseling form to the school's registrar to schedule/change schedule or verify schedule change. A copy of this form must be kept in the student's file and a copy is sent to the Online Coordinator.
  • Only after the student's schedule is changed to reflect online classes will the Online Coordinator enroll a student into their online class
  • Students will then receive an email with the link to the Online Orientation and how to get started in their class.
  • After they have completed the Online Orientation, they are expected to get started in their class right away!
There is no need to fill out any online forms. Only a completed Student Learning Plan will result in you getting into an online class.

Please be patient, this entire process can take a week or so and depends on staff availability.

Counselors Please Note:

The full-time online program is different!

This program is for students who live in the Peninsula School District and want to take all of their high school courses online in any given semester. Depending on each student's academic plan, students can take up to six classes a semester free of charge and do not need to take any classes at school. These students must be directed to email the Online Coordinator to assist with enrollment or fill out the online form at requesting the full-time option. This is not done with the Counseling form used for part-time students.

For detailed information on PSD online learning opportunities visit the PIA web site located at

All inquires regarding the online program must be done through email to

The District shall provide equal educational opportunity and treatment for all students in all aspects of the academic and activities program without regard to race, creed, color, or national origin, sex, sexual preference, marital status, previous arrest (unless a clear and present danger exists), or incarceration or non-program related physical, sensory or mental disabilities. RCW 49.60 Law Against Discrimination.