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                                                 Mid-Winter Break: Feb. 18th- 22nd

Announcements for Language Arts:  
4th and 6th Periods

CoTaught Class 3rd Period

Up-Coming Due Dates:
    *Poetry Packet(#1)- due Jan. 4th
    *Poetry Packet(#2/#3)- due Jan. 10th
    *SpringBoard Poems- Bullet Point 2/3/4 complete by Jan. 11th
    *Poetry Packet(#4/#5)- due Jan. 15th
    *SB Poems- BP 5 completed by Jan. 17th
    *Poetry Packet(#6/#7)- due Jan. 22nd
    *SB Poems- BP 6/7/8/9 completed by Jan. 24th
    *Poetry Packet(#8/#9)- due Jan. 29th
    *SB Poems- BP 10/11/12/13 completed by Feb. 1st
            (receive TPCASTT for bullet point 17)
    *Poetry Packet(#10/#11)- due Feb. 5th
    *Grammar Midterm- Upon return to class
    *SB Poems- BP 14/15/16/17 completed upon return to class (TPCASTT for bullet point #17)
    *Song Analysis- due Feb. 27th
    *Poetry Analysis Essay (Prewrite Check Off)- Feb. 28th
    *Poetry Analysis Rough Draft- March 4th
    *Poetry Analysis Final- March 11th

    *Dystopian Literature- analyze literary elements and
                                         use compare/contrast techniques

Announcements for Social Studies: 
1st and 5th Periods

Up-Coming Due Dates:
    *Junior Achievement Unit One- completed Jan. 24th
    *Junior Achievement Unit Two/Three- completed Jan. 31st
    *M.A.D. Project- due Feb. 1st
    *Junior Achievement Unit Four- completed Feb. 8th
    *Junior Achievement Finance Park- Reschedule date to be announced (field trip to Auburn)
    *Constitution Project- receive rubric on Feb. 15th

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