Language Arts 7 Advanced

Language Arts 7 Advanced: Curriculum

This year we will continue to use our district adopted literacy program entitled SpringBoard. The SpringBoard program is designed to support high expectations for all students, prepare them for success in high school and college classes, provide rigorous reading and writing skills, and strengthen students’ problem-solving, critical thinking, and reasoning skills. While this class will address the core standards of 7th grade, we will also incorporate many of the 8th grade standards. We will be working at an accelerated pace and developing a growth mindset.

Please check here as well as Power School for class assignments.

Current Assignments

3/20/19 - Class debate on violent video games.

3/19/19 - Research your side of the issue for debate tomorrow.

3/18/19 - Learn about counter claim.

3/14/19 - Literature Circles week 3.

3/13/19 - Read articles on violent video games in preparation for debate next week.

3/12/19 - With more than half the students gone for band, today we practiced our vocabulary on Zinc.

3/11/19 - Finish lesson 2.13 on Rhetorical Devices. Revise group paragraph to include rhetorical device.

3/8/19 - Literature Circles Week 2. Read to page 137 for next week.

3/7/19 - Start lesson 2.13 Remember to read to page 97 of the Giver.

3/6/19 - Write one body paragraph for group essay.

3/5/19 - Research for small group essay.

3/4/19 - Lesson 2.12 in Springboard

1/31/19 -2/5/19 Work on the two products for your presentation. Because of the snow day and late start, the presentations have been moved to Thursday the 7th.

1/27-30/19 -Research.

1/24/19 - Go over assignment details for next assessment, "Be the Hero in Your Community." Start research.

1/23/19 - Finish paperclip advertisement from yesterday. Generate list of topics for project, "Be the Hero in Your Community." Form groups.

1/22/19 - Finish evaluating sources from Friday. Start paperclip advertisement.

1/18/19 - Continue to work on lesson 2.6 - How to Evaluate Sources for Validity