Congratulations to the 2019 7th Grade Basketball Team:

Ainsley Brogan

Sarah Ehler

Alex Ferrier

Jocelyn Gregory

Abbie Hunter

Kate Jones

Kylie Klipper

Jenna Owens

Talia Patel

Jane Rogg-Wilde

Emma Vandervort

Jayn Willis


Welcome to KMS Physical Education! 

2018-2019 6th/7th/8th Grade Physical Education

Mr. Miyake: miyaked@psd401.net / 253-530-4164

Ms. Clingan: stoltenbergc@psd401.net/ 253-530-4165


PE Makeup Sheet





Class Expectations

Please come prepared to learn and participate every day.  You will need a blue Kopachuck T-shirt, athletic shorts or warm-up pants, non-marking laced shoes and a combination lock.  

    Shirt Rental- If students forget a PE shirt, they can be rented for a daily rental fee of $1.00.  Rental charges will be submitted to the bookkeeper and charges will be posted to student accounts.   


Class Rules

Be Safe

Be Responsible

Be Respectful

Stop and listen on the whistle

Grading Criteria

Grades will be determined using the following criteria.  Each component receives one point per day with a daily total of 5 points per day.

Written summative assessments will be factored in separately. 

Participation (1 point)

    Daily participation in all activities 

Processing Content (1 point)

    Engaging in activities promoting the health-related academic criteria of physical education

Effort (1 point)

            Trying to the best of your individual abilities

Attitude (1 point)

            Daily positive attitude in class

Cooperation (1 point)

            Working in harmony with groups daily

Summative Assessments

            Point values will vary

Weekly Participation Points (5 pts. Per day, 25 total for week)

Full appropriate participation/No warnings =25 pts.

Full appropriate participation/One warning = 20-24 pts.

Full appropriate participation/Two warnings =16-19 pts.

Lack of appropriate participation/Three or more warnings=10-15 pts.

**Each individual absence is entered as a 0 until the time is made up by completing 1 hour of physical exercise or rigorous activity using the PE makeup forms. (located on the cabinet next to the outside lockers)

PE Make Ups

If you are absent from class because you are sick or out of town, you must get a make up sheet from the cabinet and perform one hour of physical activity outside of school time for every missed school day. 

1 class missed = 1 hour of activity outside of class time.  

Have your parent/guardian sign off on your activity.  Bring the make up sheet back to school and you will receive credit for your absence.  If you are absent for school activities, they DO NOT count as absences.