College, Career, And Financial Exploration
Semester II 2015-2016
There are three instructors and each instructor may vary from this calendar at times. 

Assignments for the week of February 01-05, 2016
The Roommates assignment 
Money in Your Life NTG = Note taking guide
Money in Your Life Interview
Goal Setting
Setting Financial Goals

Assignments for the week of February 08-12, 2016
Introduce Career Cruising
Collage of Your Life
Invest in Yourself
    Human Capital
    Parent timeline and interview
    Post High School
    JUNG Typology
    Career Search-Look at careers you might interested in

ASVAB Practice test site    http://www.military.com/join-armed-forces/asvab (Copy and Paste to try out the test)
Remember no calculators for the math portion of the test.