Student Learning Plans and Basic Expectations

What is an SLP?
All students sign Student Learning Plans, which contain course expectations and learning goals.  Our student learning plans tie the following basic set of expectations to each courses syllabus, specific learning targets and assessments. Individual plans will vary depending on starting and ending dates as well as individualized needs or circumstances. In addition, these plans will be modified through an intervention plan if the Online Coordinator determines that the student is not making adequate monthly progress. 

Taking online classes requires dedication and perseverance. Our classes are rigorous, and require consistent attention. Each of our courses, including credit recovery courses, require that students spend a minimum of 5 hours accessing the online content.  This includes, but is not limited to, reading course materials offline, completing assignments, participating in field trips, and taking all required assessments. Students should plan to spend as much time working in their course as they would if they were taking a course during a class period at the high school, including additional time for homework.  We include this hour requirement in every SLP, and translate those hours to a maximum possible student FTE calculation for the state auditor in accordance with the Washington State Alternative Learning Laws, WAC (WAC 392-121-182.)

Students must log into each class each week. In addition, students must contact their teacher weekly via email, PIA messaging, by phone, or in-person. The purpose of this contact is to assist the student in meeting course objectives. This is state law.  In addition, all teachers have office hours, and are available to meet students in virtual classroom, or set up phone conversations, in order to provide additional instruction for students who need it.

As part of the original SLP, students must agree to the following additional expectations.

1. To read the syllabus and instructions before beginning any online classes.
2. To make weekly contact with my teacher via email or PIA messaging.
3. To log into coursework on a weekly basis.
4. To assess my progress to determine that I am making adequate monthly progress.  
5. To create a plan to complete my coursework by the semester ending date that is specified on my learning plan.
6. To share my progress with my parents and/or guardians.
7. To contact the online coordinator if I am having technical issues at, or 253-530-3850.
8. To contact my online teacher for help if I am having trouble with the content, or need additional help understanding the material.
9. To arrange for a PSD staff member to proctor my final exams at my home school.
10. To provide my own computer and Internet access.

PIA courses are graded using the standard scale used throughout all comprehensive PSD high schools.  Each class contains a list of percentages and letter grade equivalents.  Students who are not meeting our expectations, may be dropped from online courses with a failing grade, and may not be able to transfer into additional online courses until the next school year.  In addition, students may receive a failing grade if coursework isn't completed on time.  Failing grades are given if students , withdraw after 10 days, unless there is an extraordinary circumstance that is approved by school administration and the Online Coordinator.

PIA follows the Peninsula School District policy and guidelines for Grading for Learning.  See the document that outlines the PSD guiding principles, below.