How does a student get registered to take an online class?
First, students must be enrolled at a high school in Peninsula School District (PSD) to take an online class. Then, students should visit their counselor to see if an online class is right for them. After a student has been academically counseled into an online class, the student, parent and their Counselor together fill out a form, the student learning plan, that requires signatures and dates to be valid. This form needs to be returned to your Counselor in a timely manner for the next steps to occur.  Finally, the student waits for the district's Online Coordinator to contact them via email which explains in detail what the student needs to do to get started. Any questions you may have are answered by emailing the Online Coordinator at onlinecoordinater@psd401.net.
Is there a cost to take an online class as part of their regular schedule at school?
If a student has room in their schedule, they are slotted for the online class as part of their regular school day. There is a $25 fee, per semester.  

Is there a cost for a seventh period class?
Yes.  The Peninsula School District does not receive funding for seventh period classes from the state.  Because of this, students who choose to take seventh period classes pay for the content.  All Social Studies, Health and PE, and CCFE classes are $225 each.  English, Science, Math and Foreign Language classes cost $350.  AP courses are $375.  We want all students to have an equal opportunity to learn.  Students who qualify for free and/or reduced lunch may register for classes at a reduced rate.

What is the Student Learning Plan?
Students need an individuated learning plan for each class. Basically, this official agreement is required by state law, and details all of the student's expectations in writing. It lists the course name, the beginning and ending date, and the amount of time the student agrees to work on the online course.

How do final exams work?
Final exams must be proctored under the supervision of a Peninsula School District employee.  Students must arrange a time and place to take the test with his or her Counselor, or they can arrange to take the test at the PIA offices.  The Career Center will be scheduled for specific days at each high school.  Check the PIA Newsletter near the end of the semester, for more information.  Students can bring formula sheets and a calculator to their exams, but notes but are allowed.

Who are the teachers for these online courses?
Our online courses are taught by highly qualified Washington state certified teachers in each subject. These teachers have many years of experience teaching online. They are highly skilled in all aspects of making a student's online experience successful and receive specialized training annually to improve the quality of the online learning experience.

How do I know these are high quality classes?
Our online courses are accredited for college entrance, aligned to state standards and taught by highly qualified Washington state certified teachers. these courses are as rigorous as the classes students take at our high schools.

How do the online courses transfer on PSD's transcript?
They are identified as regular PSD courses with earned grades. When grades are turned into each high school, the high school transfers the online course title to an equivalent PSD course. This is the same process as any course from an accredited institution in the state of Washington would go through. Pass/Fail is only available when the course is taken for credit retrieval in the Summer. In essence, they are treated the same as any high school course offered in the district.

When will I see my grades on my transcript?
Grades are posted after the end of the regular semester schedule at the end of January and end of June. Summer session classes grades are posted at the end of August.

Can I transfer between regular courses and online courses or online courses to regular courses?
All online courses are self-contained courses offered through a national online contractor. Although these courses are offered by a fully accredited institution approved by the state, they are not identical to the courses offered in our high schools. Therefore, it is not possible to start a course online and finish the course in a district class or start a regular courses and transfer into an online course. Once you decide to take an online course, your only choice to get credit is to stay with that online class within the semester. There are no transfers from online courses to a regular high school course outside of the semester breaks.

How difficult are online classes compared to the classes offered at school?
Online courses can be more difficult than class at your school especially if you have concerns with several of the following statements:
  • I have ready access to a computer to get online work done whenever you want.
  • I am usually prepared and getting things done on time or ahead of time.
  • I can plan ahead and getting my work completed on time.
  • I can be self-motivated almost never procrastinate (wait to do) my school work.
  • I like being in a situation where I must figure out solutions to your my questions, problems, or concerns.
  • I complete and/or turning in school work without having to be reminded or told a second time.
  • I usually set and stick to my own school work schedule for all my classes.
  • I understanding class materials at your grade level when I have to read them.
  • I usually can figure out the meaning of what I read without help.
  • I am working on grade level math or having not fallen behind in math.
  • I can follow directions on my own.
  • I don’t see any problem asking for help online, using email, chatting and/or on the phone.
  • I can express myself well in writing when asked to do so for a class assignment.
  • I can assess my progress and am able to adjust my learning when needed against expectations and timelines.