About Our Programs

Peninsula Internet Academy (PIA) is a high school program, run out of Gig Harbor, Henderson Bay, and Peninsula High School.  It was started in the Spring of 2008. 

PIA’s 9th –12th grade distance learning program serves self-motivated students who are looking for individualized education options with flexibility to achieve high academic standards. Our students have the opportunity to obtain a high school diploma with necessary skills to be successful in multiple post-high school endeavors. Students’ individual needs are met through personalization. Students have choices to use distance learning as well as weekly walk-in labs, where students can get additional assistance. Students can speak with their teachers and the Online Learning Specialist by: phone, email, PIA messaging, or in person. We offer integration for students enrolled in Running Start and Skill Center, as well.
Students who wish to enroll in the PIA program while attending a Peninsula School District High School will complete the Initial Individualized Learning Plan in their high school counselor’s office.  The counselor, parent and student must sign this plan.  

The plan then goes to the high school registrar who puts the course(s) in the student’s schedule.  The high school registrar will send the Initial Learning Plan to the PIA registrar to be processed.  Students and parents are sent an email from the Online Coordinator with instructions for beginning the course.  Students are expected to begin within 72 hours of receiving this email.

We offer an alternative to brick-and-mortar classes in a traditional high school. Students enter our program for variety of reasons. The majority of our students take one, or two online classes as part of their regular high school schedule.  At school, students can work in the library, computer lab, or Career Center.  Many students have these courses either first or sixth period, and are able to work online from home.

Students can register for credit recovery courses, and catch up on graduation requirements. Some students take online classes to accelerate their graduation or enrich their learning experiences beyond those offered in our traditional schools, such as computer programming electives, World Languages and/or AP courses.  We also offer an alternative for students and counselors who are unable to fit every desired class in the regular school schedule.  

We have several students that are in our program full time, and take all of their classes online.  Full-time students can participate in extra curricular activities, including athletics, music, drama, art, and hands-on technical classes at their home high school.

Students who wish to enroll in the Full Time PIA Program complete the online enrollment request posted on the PIA website (pia.psd401.net).  The PIA registrar will then email the link to the enrollment forms needed.  After the forms are completed and turned in to the PIA registrar, a meeting is set up with the Online Coordinator. If accepted into the full-time program, students will be enrolled in Henderson Bay High School.  All counseling, scheduling and registration is handled by the Online Coordinator, Anne Mullen. The Online Coordinator also facilitates and documents all ALE processes including: Individualized Learning Plans, weekly contact, monthly assessment of adequate progress and Intervention Plans.

PIA offers three different types of high school level courses to our students. The majority of PIA students take regular online courses; however, we also offer Advanced Placement courses. Our AP courses have been approved by College Board, and all AP teachers have been specifically trained for this purpose.

In addition, we have Credit Recovery courses for those students that need to retrieve credit from classes they have failed.  Students can take Online Credit Recovery classes to earn .5 credit, and a PASS on their transcript.  The PASS does not impact GPA.

Credit Recovery Note:   If a student earns a failing grade in a course, credit may only be retrieved one time.  If a student fails a course and retrieves the credit once by attempting the full course again, both classes appear on the student's transcript, and only the higher grade is used to determine GPA; however, if a student has already retaken a full version of the class, that student is not able to then enroll in an online credit recovery version of the course for an additional .5 credit.

We are a high-school program, run out of GHHS, HB, and PHS.  We do not offer courses appropriate in content or time requirements for middle school age students.  In rare cases when it is determined by the School Principal to be in the best interest of the student, Middle School students can be accepted into the program.   This is only an option on a case-by-case basis, only when the needed class is NOT OFFERED at the middle school.  This is mostly for higher level math placement, such as Algebra 2, or Pre-Calculus.  Parents must first contact the building Principal to start this discussion.

We make every attempt possible to  make contact with all our students, full and part-time, once a week synchronously with the courses teacher via email, phone, PIA messaging, in person, or through the use of online interactive sessions. In addition, our program is unique in that we have an open lab, twice a week, for students who are in need of extra help from our learning specialist. 

We require bi-monthly face-to-face meetings with all of our full time students to provide academic guidance as well as instructional assistance. 

PIA contracts with Fuel Education, by K12, for most of our online curriculum. Our Foreign Language Provider is Middlebury Languages, through K12. Fuel Education is accredited through Northwest Association of Accredited Schools and are in alignment with all state standards. K12 was reviewed and approved by both the Peninsula School District Board of Directors and the Instructional Advisory Committee in 2007.

The Peninsula School District has recently begun developing it's own curriculum in Social Studies, CCFE, Math, English and Health/PE.  By having Peninsula School District teachers develop and teach these online courses, we closer align the digital curriculum with the brick-and-mortar setting, and we help to facilitate more frequent communication between students, teachers, and parents.  All online district curriculum has been reviewed by the Peninsula School District Instructional Advisory Committee.

PIA is accredited from the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools.

All of our instructional staff is considered highly qualified in the areas they teach and all are state certified and endorsed in the areas that they are currently teaching.

Fuel Education’s AP courses, those provided by PIA, must be authorized annually by the College Board.  Fuel Education can provide copies of their approved syllabi as needed (or they can go to our support site and reference knowledge base article # 8176-7952 )

PIA classes do not meet NCAA clearing house eligibility requirements. Any student planning on pursuing intercollegiate athletics in college should consider other options.