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2017-04-07 Wilson ES Student Event

Katie Christie 

Katie Christie is a Google Certified Innovator and Trainer, EdTechTeam Lead Learner, and past LearnZillion DreamTeam member. In 2015, she worked as a partner with Google to help rewrite the Google Certification Training Center content. Katie most recently worked as the Technology Integration Specialist at Runyon Elementary School in Littleton, Colorado. She has nine years of experience in the classroom. She spent her first 4 years of teaching in Shaker Heights City Schools in Ohio, a district known for its academic excellence and cultural diversity. Then she had the incredible experience of teaching and learning in a 1:1 Linux-based netbook 5th grade classroom in Littleton, Colorado for 4 years where Google Apps for Education was integrated seamlessly into the curriculum. Katie has been a Lead Learner for the Google Teacher Academy multiple times and travels with the EdTechTeam for trainings as well. Katie enjoys sharing her passion for effective technology integration in the classroom by networking with other educators internationally and presenting and training at the local, national, and international level. 

Rushton Hurley

Rushton Hurley is an educator who believes this is a great time to teach. In his work, he has taught Japanese language, been principal of an online school, directed a professional development program, and succeeded as a social benefit entrepreneur. He loves creativity, collaborative innovation, and laughing at himself. Rushton founded and is executive director of the educational nonprofit Next Vista for Learning, which houses a free library of over sixteen hundred short videos by and for teachers and students at Additionally, he is the charter president of the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley. His graduate research at Stanford University included using speech recognition technology with beginning students of Japanese in computer-based role-playing scenarios for developing language skills. Rushton has trained teachers around the world, and regularly presents at national and international conferences. His fun and thoughtful talks center on the conditions for success; the connection between engaging learning and useful, affordable technology; as well as professional perspectives of teachers at all levels.