Google Apps Education Trainer Bootcamp (2-day)

The Google Apps for Education Trainer bootcamp serves two purposes: to raise awareness about how Google Apps can be used in education (with students and among colleagues), and to prepare participants to pass the Google Apps for Education qualification tests. Each session includes an interactive overview, top tips from the Google Apps for Education Training Center, hands-on activities, and inspiring ideas for how to use Google Apps for teaching, learning, and professional collaboration. The activities are flexible, designed to help new users quickly understand the "core magic" of each app - and to challenge veteran users by revealing features and innovative uses they never imagined. The experience is grounded in Google culture, complete with high-energy fast-paced demonstrations and challenging activities that can truly be called "hard fun." There is no better preparation for teaching and learning with Google Apps - or for passing the Google Apps EDU tests.

During the second day of this two-day bootcamp, participants will explore different parts of the application to become Authorized Google Education Trainers. Certification is not included in the bootcamp (passing five tests, submitting an application, and approval from Google are required following the event). Taking tests and applying for certification is not necessary for participating in the bootcamp.

Discover Google Apps settings, tips, and tricks

Prepare your Google certification application

Explore ways to implement Google apps into the curriculum

Education trainers or consultants pursuing the Authorized Google Education Trainer certification

Educators looking to elevate their Google skills

Educators interested in attaining their Google Educator status

Location: Santiago College, 4007 Los Trapenses, Lo Barnechea, Santiago, Chile

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