iPad Workshops for Educators

The EdTechTeam is proud to offer iPad workshops for educators.

I loved that this was truly a project based learning workshop! 
I got a much better idea of how I could use it in my own classroom. Thank you so much!


iPads change the way teachers and students access the web, share media, and learn on the go. Fun hands-on activities and opportunities to explore new apps make these sessions a favorite for participants. In addition to an overview of basic iPad operation, a typical introductory session includes activities in which participants edit a video, annotate an ebook, and collaborate on an online doc. An overview of mobile learning in the classroom, cutting-edge 1:1 programs, and volume licensing for education is also included. Follow up sessions focus on grade level or subject area specific apps, project based learning, and deeper integration with other web-based services, such as Google Apps. Variations include iPad for Special Education, Gifted Education, and Early Childhood Education. Other variations focused on mobile photography, music composition, and podcasting are also available. Note: Optional equipment can also be included in these workshops, making it easy to provide a new iPad (or iPod Touch) for each participant.
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Led by Dr. Mark Wagner, Ben Friesen, and Ken Shelton the EdTechTeam features dozens of veteran iPad workshop leaders, including many Apple Distinguished Educators and many practicing teachers and administrators already experienced with 1:1 iOS programs in schools.


iPad workshops for educators are available in a variety of formats, including popular full-day, two-day, three-day, and five-day bootcamps conducted face-to-face at your site (or at a host location). Other formats, including a series of half-day workshops, a series of webinars or online classes, and custom configurations are also available. 

The face-to-face workshops can be offered in a computer lab or classroom setting. Large groups can be accommodated in a single large room, or in smaller breakout rooms - or in a combination of both. Any number of participants can be accommodated, with larger sessions being organized in a conference format. More workshop leaders are sent to accomodate higher numbers of participants. 

Online Request Form

The online request form collects all the information needed to generate a draft proposal for your review. Even if you're not ready to fill it out just yet, you might look it over to get a better idea what information will be required to move forward. Then once you have a date, time, and location in mind, fill out the form to begin the planning process.


Send us a message or give us a call anytime if you have any questions, need any information, or want to chat about any of this in more detail at this point. We look forward to working with you to make Google Apps for Education Certified Training a reality for you and your colleagues or staff. 

These testimonials are typical comments from participant evaluations 
following an iPad workshop produced by the EdTechTeam:

I loved that this was truly a project based learning workshop! I got a much better idea of how I could use it in my own classroom. Thank you so much!

You made this easy and fun!

I am excited to put this tool to work! I would love to get these into students' hands.

Great information! I will use all I have learned to improve teacher instruction, as well as student learning.

Wow! I was floored by the possibilities of this technology. Great job.

Thanks, what we learned today will be used in our school!

I honestly had no idea how much more there was to use! Thank you so much for this training.  I love that it was all free information that anyone can use...possibly even my own parents!!!

Very patient with all questions....very helpful.

Thank you for making the workshop so much fun!

I am so excited about using this in my class!!!!! Great job!!! Well worth the money :)

You were amazing as usual! So knowledgable and patient.  Thank you!

I wish we had more time.