Google Education Trainer Certification Bootcamp

The EdTechTeam is proud to offer Google Education Trainer Certification training.

We are lucky to work at a time when the products we are most passionate about sharing with teachers are the tools they are most interested in learning about... and the services are free for schools to boot. - Mark Wagner, Ph.D.


The Authorized Google Educator Trainer bootcamp by  EdTechTeam serves two purposes: to raise awareness about how Google can be used in education (with students and among colleagues), and to prepare participants to pass the Google Educator qualification tests and apply to become an authorized trainer. Each session includes an interactive overview, top tips from the Google Apps for Education Training Center, hands-on activities, and inspiring ideas for how to use Google Apps for teaching, learning, and professional collaboration. The activities are flexible, designed to help new users quickly understand the "core magic" of each app - and to challenge veteran users by revealing features and innovative uses they never imagined. The experience is grounded in Google culture, complete with high-energy fast-paced demonstrations and challenging activities that can truly be called "hard fun." There is no better preparation for teaching and learning with Google Apps - or for passing the Google Apps EDU tests.

During the second day of this two-day bootcamp, participants will explore different parts of the application to become Authorized Google Education Trainers. Certification is not included in the bootcamp (passing five tests, submitting an application, and approval from Google are required following the event). Taking tests and applying for certification is not necessary for participating in the bootcamp.


Led by Dr. Mark Wagner, former director of the Google Teacher Academy, the EdTechTeam features dozens of Google Certified Teachers and Google Apps EDU Certified Trainers, including many who are veteran leaders at the Google Teacher Academy and who have helped author the Google Apps for Education Qualification Tests.


The most popular format is the two-day, hands-on, face-to-face version described above. However, Google Education Trainer Certified Bootcamp Training is available in a variety of formats, including full-day, two-day, three-day, and five-day bootcamps conducted face-to-face at your site (or at a host location). Other formats, including a series of half-day workshops, a series of webinars or online classes, and custom configurations are also available. 

The face-to-face bootcamps can be offered in a computer lab, or in a bring your own laptop (BYOL) or bring your own mobile device (BYOD) format. Large groups can be accommodated in a single large room, or in smaller breakout rooms - or in a combination of both. Any number of participants can be accommodated, with larger sessions being organized in a conference format. More team leaders (each one a Google Certified Teacher and/or Google Apps EDU Certified Trainer) are sent to accomodate higher numbers of participants. 

Online Request Form

The online request form collects all the information needed to generate a draft proposal for your review. Even if you're not ready to fill it out just yet, you might look it over to get a better idea what information will be required to move forward. Then once you have a date, time, and location in mind, fill out the form to begin the planning process.


Send us a message or give us a call anytime if you have any questions, need any information, or want to chat about any of this in more detail at this point. We look forward to working with you to make Google Apps for Education Certified Training a reality for you and your colleagues or staff. 

These testimonials are typical comments from participant evaluations 
following a Google workshop produced by the EdTechTeam:

Great Presentation!  I have been a Gmail user since 2005 and had no clue some of these great things existed.  Thanks!

I am not a technology person and you made this very easy for me to understand.  I plan on using this as I begin a new school year.  Sharing documents will enable me to be more effective as a counselor.

It was exactly what I was looking for for my team of teachers!

Great job working with people at multiple levels and points of learning! 

Amazing, brought to light some great ideas and ways to actually implement them into my classroom.  This will allow me to not only become better organized in my classroom, but in my collection and organization of student work and feedback to them.
Thank you very much!  I highly recommend this to any teacher who wishes to use technology more in depth in the classroom.

I have been to many, many workshops, and this is by far the most useful one I have ever attended.  I will absolutely use this information and pass it on to my students.

This ranks at the very top of greatness for education workshops I've attended.

Thanks for teaching us to be outside the box!

The most valuable information that I learned here at the conference. 
Thank you!!!

I would not consider myself "computer literate" but this workshop gave me inspiration to try :-)

Great hands-on activities. Great job moving the experienced users of Google and awesome re-teaching of those that need more assistance. I felt I was working on my own little "cloud".

This was a day I dreaded, because I have always considered myself to be technologically impaired. 
This workshop made everything meaningful, and i loved it so much I don't want to stop!

I wish I had more time!