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Jaunt VR
Roller Coaster VR
Stereoscopic TunnelDive City Rollercoaster

Proton Pulse (paid)
Tilt Brush Gallery
Paul McCartney
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Facebook Launches 360 Video - North Korea via ABC News

Must Visit StreetView for Cardboard
First Avenue and 7th Street Entry, MPLS
The Colosseum, Rome, Italy
Diagon Alley, Watford, England
Burj Khalifa View from Building Maintenance Unit (73rd Floor) (Dubai)
The pyramids of Giza, Egypt

New Google Street View for iOS and Android
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Jim Sill's Must have Cardboard Apps
Most found on reddit.

Must Haves

  • Corridoom VR
  • Lost in the Kismet is a thinking person’s VR game
  • Radial-G Infinity is a racing game
  • Seene lets you make three-dimensional images with your smartphone camera
  • InMind VR, playable teaser for a brain themed shooter. Android
  • The Height, a rather old game with multiple levels, the objective is to collect cubes, fast on slow phones, still interesting due to the use of height which is always impressive in VR. Android
  • Froggy VR, a cartoon style kid friendly multi-level game involving eating flies and hopping around a pond.Android
  • Virtual Kaiju 3D, USD 0.99, a strange commercial VR rampage game, played as a Godzilla like monster. You have to roar into the microphone to spit fire. Interesting primarily for the weird concept. Android
  • Zombie Shooter VR, a shooter on rails. Android
  • Moorente, simple duck shooting game. Android