Collaborate with the World - and Map it!

Guiding Question

Using curriculum from your subject area, develop a project that would require your students to collaborate with students or people in another country.

Tools and Resources
Example Projects
What's the Weather Like
Global Water Usage FormMap and Sheet 

Explorers of the World - Hyperdoc and Map

Collecting Moonshots

Let's try it!

File>Make a Copy

Go to Drive>New>Forms
  1. Build a Form with your question.
  2. Ask a question that provides location data.
  3. Copy the form URL
  4. Share it on Social Media with the hashtag #gafesummit and tag @followmolly (so I can retweet it)
  5. Watch the data come into your spreadsheet
  6. Remove any punctuation from the spreadsheet column headers

My Maps
  1. Import Data
  2. Select the spreadsheet from Google Drive
  3. *You may have to authorize My Maps
  4. Select the question in your form that has location data
  5. Select a second question for the title