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Teacher Toolkit - Explore & Create

Modernize your teacher toolkit to allow students to create understanding. Proven strategies...digitized...the paperless system to support it and TIME to play.  

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Introduction: Create, Annotate & Publish!

Workflow Using Seesaw: The Learning Journal
  • Sign in! Wait for the code
  • Pick choose your name from the list!
Seesaw Overview: 
  • Establish a workflow
  • Create artifacts of learning
  • Publish

Visual Ideas - Graphic Organizers & Thinking Maps

Everyone is an artist! Create artistic graphic organizers, flow maps and outlines with Paper 53 - Think Kit.
  • Create a Space
  • Create a Project
  • Annotate a Photo
  • Create a Bubble Map
Check out the Think Kit with Paper 53
Help Videos - Think Kit by Paper 53

Sketchnoting Google On-Air Hangout - Brad Ovenell-Carter

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Create Project Anything

Pecha Kucha - Argentina 10x10 

Avoid Death by PowerPoint or .PPT Karaoke

How do you say Pecha Kucha?

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Magic School Bus with Google Street View

Activity: Street View 1-2-3

Station 1: Explore

  • Using the map, zoom into a continent that is connected to your curriculum.  
  • Tap on the Collections & Explore tabs
  • Swipe up to browse
  • Find a place to use in your class
  • Tap on compass icon in upper right
  • Save image to Camera Roll
  • Repeat
Station 2: Cardboard
  • Download Cardboard on your iPhone or Android
  • Explore
  • Watch Welcome Video
Station 3: Create
  • Tap the Camera icon in the bottom right
  • Point the camera at the dot
  • Practice....

    Tips for Creating Photospheres:

    • Hold device close to your body
    • Keep feet in same place while rotating

    • Avoid moving objects (people)

    • Start outside


    Publish screenshot to SeeSaw and record a reflection

    Google Expeditions with Cardboard

    Hit the ground running!  

    Download these apps. 

    Bookmark this site or save to Home Screen.

    Seesaw: The Learning Journal

     New & Improved! Paper 53

                          Keynote                              Vidra    

                          Timed Slides                 Video Overview

                            Cardboard                       Street View