Create. Annotate. Publish.

Session Description

Get hands-on while working through a 3 step cycle to make sure students are creating, annotating and publishing their learning! Start by tapping into the creative power of Adobe Spark and other awesome classroom tools like Seesaw and Thinglink. Have students demonstrate understanding by adding insight, context and voice with digital annotations. Finish the cycle by publishing student learning for the class, community and/or the world to see!  Bring your iPad and/or laptop and start creating learning experiences students will never forget.

Create. Annotate. Publish - Presentation

Adobe Spark - Video Introductions
Website | iOS
  • Name
  • Summer Highlights
  • Hobby
  • Food
  • Strength as a learner

Live Demonstration - Use Google Apps Account

Seesaw Activities:

Link to a Google Doc!
  • Make sure your Doc is visible to anyone with a link. 
Selfie Metacognition: 
  • App: Upload from your Camera Roll
  • Chrome: Photo 
  • Add audio after selecting you image


Demo & Do!

Google Drawings: 
  • Use comments as annotations
  • Use links to create context
  • Use the Research Tool in Drawings