Michelle Armstrong
Director, EdTechTeam Canada

Contact Information:
Email: michelle@edtechteam.com

Around the World in 60 Minutes - bit.ly/MapsAndMaps

Apps, Extensions, Add-Ons, Oh My! - bit.ly/AppsOhMy

Fasten Your Seatbelts - bit.ly/GoogleEhToZed

So You Think You Can Search - bit.ly/searchlikeapro

Ack, I'm New At This!  Where Do I Start - bit.ly/ArmstrongAck

Google Slides.  More Thank Just A Presentation Tool - bit.ly/ArmstrongSlides

What's All The Fuss About Google+ -  bit.ly/ArmstrongGooglePlus

Digging Deep into Hangouts - G Suite Learning Center

Web-based and Wow! - bit.ly/WebBasedWow

Google Apps Roadmap - bit.ly/ArmstrongRoadmap

Google Calendar - bit.ly/ArmstrongCalendar

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