Multimedia Book Creator & App Smashing

Now you will use Book Creator to create a multimedia book and "app smash" other content you've created into the book.

Book Creator
“Students can write and publish books in apps like Book Creator and Creative Book Builder. These apps publish student work as an EPUB file, which can be read in iBooks and on other eBook readers. Students may translate their notes from a unit into a chapter, compiling a book over the course of the year, or they can create a retelling of a story that they read in class. Whatever the more summative writing assignment might be, writing and publishing an eBook gives students a way to create more formal documentation of their learning.”

Activity: Create a Multimedia Book

Book Creator Tutorial ‎(December 2015)‎

Solving Equations
When a math teacher realized his students didn't understand a textbook chapter on solving one-step equations, he decided to enlist his students in creating multimedia books to help others solve them.

YouTube Video

Book Creator Challenge

  1. Create a new book. Please choose LANDSCAPE.
  2. Design a cover such as My Adventure.
  3. Create 3-5 pages and use these Book Creator features:
    1. add text; edit text (size, color, etc)
    2. add handwriting (drawing, mindmap, etc)
    3. insert an image from your iPad 
    4. save an image from the Web (to your iPad) and then insert  
    5. record yourself speaking and insert
    6. create a text link to a web page
    7. create an image link to a web page
    8. Create an image link to another page in the book. (Example, link image on page 2 to page 5.)
    9. publish book to iBooks and test the links. Return to Book Creator.
    10. in "Pages" reorder your pages. Copy or delete a page 
    11. in "My Books" give book a title and author
    12. If iPad has "AirDrop," share with a colleague
    13. Combine your books 

Appsmashing with Book Creator

“Why limit our students to one tool at a time?” There is more power in combining student content from multiple apps, or “app smashing.” In other words, by merging content created from different apps, we can increase students creative learning possibilities.”
Excerpt From: Tom Daccord & Justin Reich. “iPads in the Classroom" 

Activity: App Smashing Scenarios 

Challenge: App Smash the content you've previously created  (images, video, animation, etc) into Book Creator!

AppSmashing Activities

1. Create a Gami (speaking avatar):

  • Open Tellagami
  • Find your image in Background ---> Library. Or, use a "Free" image
  • Customize, maneuver and resize your avatar.
  • Record your voice for up to 30 seconds and create a Gami.
  • Go Share ---> Save to to Camera Roll
  • Open Book Creator and insert Gami on a page.

2. Create a picture collage (about your school):
  • Open Pic Collage or Pic Collage Kds. Find and use image(s).
  • Create collage. Use image(s), text, background, layout.
  • Save.
  • Open Book Creator and insert on a page.

3. Create a digital story with Shadow Puppet Edu
  • Open Puppet Edu app
  • Create an account
  • Create a story
  • Add images and/or video
  • Add narration
  • Add text on at least one slide
  • Save to iPad
  • Insert into Book Creator
4. Create Art with MoMa Art Lab (Gr. K-3) 
  • Open MoMa Art Lab and start a new work of art
  • Change the color of your canvas.
  • Add a few shapes to the canvas in different colors. Remove one.
  • Use two fingers to rotate, resize shape.
  • Add some lines. Erase one.
  • Go to Ideas section and try one.
  • Got to Activities section and try one.
  • Take a picture of your art and find it in the Gallery.
  • Save to iPad and insert in Book Creator