Midnimo Cross-Cultural Middle School

    Midnimo Cross Cultural Middle School (MCCMS) is continuing to create a safe and respectful multicultural environment that facilitates accelerated academic achievement while instilling a desire to learn, to take appropriate risks, and to accept challenges. Our school community is committed in supporting our students in their pursuit of lifelong learning and nurturing high self-esteem and respect for others. We believe that everyone can succeed in becoming better thinkers and independent learners. To accomplish this mission, first and most importantly, our curriculum is aligned to and paced with the Common Core and the Ohio’s New Learning Standards. Secondly, we consistently monitor student progress and adjust our
instructional strategies based on that data. In addition, our highly qualified teachers work collaboratively so that there is an integration of academic content across the curricula, as well as the most current use of technology to enhance our instruction. Finally, MCCMS is committed to providing real life connections through our well planned and expanded community based learning experiences.

    Midnimo Cross Cultural Middle School is determined to provide an excellent education, a positive learning environment, and fostering cultural awareness and acceptance! Please contact us to schedule your visit to one of Columbus’ Premier Middle Schools.