Welcome to EDS music class for 3's - 2nd grade!

Get ready for lots of singing, dancing, jumping, playing and laughing!  There's a whole orchestra of musical instruments living in my classroom- and they can't wait to meet your little maestro's.  I've also acquired several new musical props over the summer, so look for them in the photos I'll be posting of your children in action.

Our school theme this year is "Learn to Do What is Right, Seek Justice, Defend the Oppressed". 
We'll be learning lots of ways to honor God with music.

My music curriculum is a mixture of Music & You textbooks, Fun Music Company interactive Smart board Music Theory and The Learning Groove rhythm and movement exercises.  Your children will learn lots of chapel music, folk music and my own Mud Puppy Band music.  They will occasionally be "living music notes" in my new NOTES ALIVE! program which combines a life-sized music staff with reading notes by name/color on the handbells and Boomwhackers.  We will also have several performance opportunities which will be posted on Seesaw.

Each grade level is further broken down into these special focus areas: 
3's - Nursery Rhyme Songs, Counting Songs, ABC songs and moving with scarves
PreK - Days of the Week/Months of the Year songs, Patriotic songs, classroom instruments, parachute play
Kindergarten - Reading note names and color notation with Boomwhackers and singing high-energy, big-motion songs to encourage moving to a steady beat
1st Grade - playing classroom instruments and completing lessons in BELLS ALIVE!, Fun Music Co Theory,  and Music History.
2nd Grade - playing classroom ukulele; completing lessons in BELLS ALIVE, Fun Music Co Theory; Music History World Passport program; Garage Band, a 2nd Grade Composition Competition, and Music History: Renaissance and Baroque Period.
The past five years at EDS are the best a teacher could ask for and I can't wait to see what these little musicians will accomplish this year!   Thank you for sharing your sweet children with me.  They, you, and EDS are such a blessing!