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Important Dates

Oct 31  Tobacco Test
Nov 11  Drug Test
Nov 19  Alcohol Test - open notebook
Nov 25  Puberty Class
Dec 9  CPR/AED/First Aid
Dec 10 Project Due, present in class

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Education in the Art of Living

6th Grade Test Dates

Oct 31     Tobacco

Nov 11    Drugs

Nov 19    Alcohol Test/Open Notebook

Nov 25    Puberty Class

Dec 9       CPR/AED skill check

Dec 10     Project due – share in class



Oct 14

Review of class rules, grading.

Start peer pressure unit.

Homework: set up Health notebook, sign and return sheet, " Finding Me" sheet



Oct 24 - Begin Tobacco unit.

Study harmful physical effects of smoking.

Tobacco Test – Oct 31



Nov 3 - Begin Drug unit.

Study harmful physical and social effects of drug abuse.

Drug kit presentation.

Drug Test – Nov 11



Nov 12 - Begin Alcohol unit.

Emphasis on negative side effects, social and legal implications.

Alcohol test – Nov 19 - open notebook.



Nov 25

Puberty unit presented during which male and female students are separated. Topics presented by

 Jaye Cohen and myself include physical changes associated with puberty and hygiene.


First Aid /CPR /AED

Dec 1

Review of barrier protection, face shields, epipens.

Intro to American Heart Assn. CPR/ AED.

CPR skills check with manikin – Dec 9



Health Project

Due: Dec 10- Will share in class.


PURPOSE: To heighten awareness of perils associated with tobacco, drugs, and alcohol use.

 REQUIREMENTS: Pamphlet created on your chosen topic to include:


Page 1 -Topic title - decorated cover ( 10 pts. )

Page 2 - Topic history, stats ( 20 pts. )

Page 3 - Negative side effects; outcomes ( 20 pts. )

Page 4 - Prevention ( 25 pts. )

Page 5 - Poem on topic ( 15 pts. )

Page 6 - Bibliography ( 10 pts. ) 3 resources minimum... only 2 electronic



Your grade is based on the following formula:

Test average + project grade divided by 2.