Mobile Reach 27

This is a Man's App World

Proposed show titles:  

Segment One:  Mobile Learning in the Classroom / Blog Watch / Tweets / News

Segment Two:  Mobile In The News  / Blog Watch / Tweets / News
(iOS/Android/Windows Mobile news)

Segment Three: App Reviews

Segment Four: Mobile Learning #eduwin:  
Teacher friend of Chad’s using QR codes in the classroom to do something different
QR Codes in PE Class


Spread the word about the best things happening in education….What is your #EduWin? Post them at:”

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    • CUE Conference March 15-17, Palm Springs, CA
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  • Other:
    • Shout out to Judi Heitz, Curriculum Specialist - Math, Science, and Technology, El Cajon, CA
    • @barbinnebraska
    • Good Morning Chris!

Mobile Reach Exit:
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