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MacReach Show 37

MacReach Show #37: The Truth About Apple's Digital Textbooks

Show Hosts: Meg Wilson (@iPodsibiities) and Kelly Dumont (@KDumont)

Co-Host: Sean Junkins (@SJunkins)

1. Mac News
Topic: What we missed in Apple’s last announcement!

- Publishing to iTunes! 
2. Mac in Education
Topic: Digital Textbooks: Bad or Good?

Resources discussed and shared in the podcast:

MacBreak Weekly Episode 283:

Using iBooks for syllabuses and teacher-created materials:

E-Book publishing for the masses:

Replacing other educational experiences:

Size of Files:

Apple’s License Agreement

"Links have changed the way knowledge is presented; it's no longer linear. It's sometimes disrupted, scattered, and related to multimedia."

Apple Distinguished Educators on iTunesU

Can we brainstorm 9 different ways to use the iBooks app with students in the classroom?
  1. grammar lessons: located parts of speech with different colored highlighters
  2. analyze quotes using the notes
  3. information scavenger hunt
  4. discover a new author/topic/genre in the iBook Store
  5. Copy PDFs of Maps, etc.
  6. Free books on a large variety of topics (just Google it!)
  7. Collections in the iBooks (add new collections) - learn how to organize digital information
  8. eBook publishing... individual pages from students merged together for a student created textbook
  9. share student work! customized portfolio, customized yearbooks
  10. IEAR community... share your thoughts!

4. “Macs for All” - Quick Mac/iOS Tips & Tricks

Keyboard Shortcuts for long emails! (In your iPod, iPhone, or iPad Settings- General- Keyboard Shortcuts)

Use a cork to replace a missing bluetooth keyboard battery cover!