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MacReach Show 32

MacReach AGENDA: Show #32
"Student iPad Reflections"

1. Mac News
Topic: Apple Releases iOS 5.1 beta to registered developers... remove photos from photo stream?? Impact on education?

Topic: Apple’s Mac App Store Passes 100 Million Downloads! Is this from individual consumers or are schools part of this number?

2. Mac in Education
Topic: We hear all about Andy’s experience with iPads in the upper elementary
3. App of the Week: VoiceThread (free)
App Challenge: Can we brainstorm 9 different ways to use VoiceThread in the classroom?
  1. Boost individual participation for shy/timid students
  2. Show what you know! Make interactive media album about any topic in any subject!
  3. Pre-assessment: gauge students’ knowledge before teaching a topic
  4. Zoom-in inquiry for history
  5. 6 Traits of Writing: Word Choice (using descriptive language)
  6. Differentiated Evaluation: Give kids a chance to express what is in their heads without the language arts struggles getting in the way.
  7. School, District, City, World, - wide collaboration
  8. Entrance and Exit tickets
  9. Immersion... Foreign Language!
  10. IEAR community

4. “Macs for All” - Quick Mac/iOS Tips & Tricks
A great tip from Andy! Remember to go to Disk Utility and repair your permissions if things start getting glitchy!