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MacReach Show 26

1. Mac News
Topic: iOS 5 is here! iCloud is here! iPhone 4S is here!
Apple TV Mirroring!!  
Camera Functionality/Photo Editing
iMessage / Notification Center
Calendar Updates
Group messages
Multi-touch gestures
Over The Air updates/Syncing
Keyboard Improvements and shortcuts
Tabbed Browsing in Safari
Twitter Integration
Siri on the iPhone 4S

2. Mac in Education-
Topic: Impact of announcements on education?

3. App of the Week: FaceTime
App Challenge: How to use FaceTime in the classroom?
  1. We use it as one avenue for tech support
  2. bringing in a sign language interpreter
  3. peer editing
  4. reading buddies
  5. exposing cultures
  6. talking with an expert
  7. connect with students not in the classroom
  8. peer collaboration/professional collaboration 
  9. Dual Immersion conversations
  10. IEAR community

4. “Macs for All” - Quick Mac Tips & Tricks
iCloud setup for current Mobile Me users - Go to 
Requirements are to update all devices you want to use with iCloud to newest OS versions