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LiTTech Show #35

Welcome to LiTTech: Building a Bridge to Media Literacy- Part of the Ed Reach Network. Giving educators a voice - a BIG voice.  You’ve reached show number  __35_____!: Please pet the animals: What is a tech petting zoo anyway?

**Begin live show intro:  Welcome to the  LiTTech Show! The show that highlights innovations and progress in Library Media Technology. And we are:

I’m your host....
Emily Thompson

Addie Matteson

Welcomes and introduction:
What’s the big thing that happened this week? Newsishness? Hurricane? Library news?

Digital Literacy Corps Kerfuffle.

Unquiet Librarian:

Item 1:  What is a Tech Petting Zoo?

Item 2:  Why have a Tech Petting Zoo?

It’s the kind of thing that libraries can do to show that we’re more than just books. Also, people really appreciate being able to play w/o pressure to buy.

Item 3: How do you set one up?
Try to get the most recent stuff you can.
Make it welcoming.


We neglected to mention EasyBib in our Citation Managers podcast. They called us on it. Sorry about that, Kerry. We know that you guys are awesome!

Final Segment:

What are we reading?
Addie: Neptune Noir: Unauthorized Investigations into “Veronica Mars” edited by Rob Thomas.

Emily: The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken.


Looking ahead:

Live(ish) from ALA

That will do it for this week on the LiTTech Show.  

Emily Thompson @librarianofdoom
Adrienne Matteson @queenaddie

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