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LiTTech Show #11

Welcome to the  LiTTech Show! The show that highlights innovations and progress in Library Media Technology. And we are:

Adrienne Matteson

and I’m your host....
Emily Thompson

Welcomes and introduction:
What’s the big thing that happened this week?  Newsishness? Hurricane? Library news?

Happy New Year! Professional Resolutions:
Emily is going to start her second masters and get the projector loans started.
Addie is going to redo her library’s website... and continue to learn the names of her 500+ students.

Item #1: The e-book battle will continue/there will be more and more open content

Sarah Houghton suggests
She also posted this after we recorded. If anyone’s up to speed, it’s the infamous Librarian in Black!

Item #2: Libraries will continue to innovate

Dan Rezac sent me this article:

More will be done with tablets (Via Elisabeth LeBris)

Item #3: School librarians/Media Specialists will have a difficult but inspiring year

We don’t have any specific articles, but we’re hoping that the tide is turning.

Final Segment:

What are we looking forward to?

Insurgent by Veronica Roth (Sequel to Divergent, comes out May 12)
Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver (sequel to Delirium, comes out February 28)
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (released January 10)

Looking ahead:

Talking about ALA MidWinter

That will do it for this week on the LiTTech Show.  
Emily Thompson @librarianofdoom
Adrienne Matteson @queenaddie

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