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LiTTech Show #39

Welcome to LiTTech: Building a Bridge to Media Literacy- Part of the Ed Reach Network. Giving educators a voice - a BIG voice.  You’ve reached show number  __39_____!: Read away your summer!

**Begin live show intro:  Welcome to the  LiTTech Show! The show that highlights innovations and progress in Library Media Technology. And we are:

I’m your host....
Emily Thompson

Addie Matteson

And our special guest is Kristi Chadwick, Director of Emily Williston Memorial Library, Easthampton MA.

Welcomes and introduction:
What’s the big thing that happened this week? Newsishness? Hurricane? Library news?

Olympic Uniforms made in China
Philip Seymour Hoffman cast as Plutarch Heavensbee
Google Power Searcher Class is happening.

Item 1: What is a Summer Reading program?
ALA Fact Sheet
Collaborative Summer Library Program

Item 2: Activity ideas
Dream Big, Own the Night, Between the Covers

JumpStart Creativity Tour


Final Segment:

What are we reading?

Emily: City of Thieves by David Benioff
Addie: The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver (out 9/12/2012)
Kristi: Only Superhuman by Christopher L. Bennett (out October 2012)


Looking ahead:

Graphic novels are reading too!

That will do it for this week on the LiTTech Show.  

Emily Thompson @librarianofdoom
Adrienne Matteson @queenaddie
Kristi Chadwick @booksnyarn

End of Show copy:

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