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Google Educast #053 - Too Many to Count

Host: Fred Delventhal
Host: Diane Main
Host: Kevin Brookhouser
Host: Sean Williams -  
Guest:  Corin Richards
Guest: Rachel Wente-Cheney
Guest: Many more!!!

Segment: In The News

New in Google+ “Events”  official post (sw)
Nexus 7 tablet has been released

Announcing your two most requested features: offline document editing and Drive for iOS (FD)

Map Makers get new API tools (FD)

Is Google the new Willy Wonka? This makes me think so (just add chocolate)
Google teases Web Lab beta, an intersection of art, technology and the internet?
(can’t play this on the air but this is the perfect music to go with the video )

Youtube Official Comedy Channel
About Official Comedy
Official Comedy is YouTube's ultimate destination for all things funny, celebrating the world of comedy one laugh at a time.

{rachel} Lego Builder in Chrome (comparison with Minecraft - Lego Universe)
(#HTML5 rocks!)

Segment: Tool Shoutout - An in-depth look at 1 Google product

Is this where we want to talk about Picasa Web Albums (not dead yet). KB

Segment “Ask a GCT”:

I was wondering why when I create a form the only option I have for a timestamp is the one on the screenshot. I have notice that others have a timestamp that looks like this "06/12/2012  10:00". I would like to have the date and correct time (according to correct time zone) all in one cell. Not date and time in military time.



Segment  Tips and Tricks - Cool things

Chrome now on iOS (I put this in using it on my iPad - FD)

Not sure this is the right spot, but you can add images from your webcam to a document now.  It’s a choice in there.

Bluestacks working on a Mac version

Chrome Add-ons

Timer tab love this in class or at staff development (sw)

ShortenMe ( + QR code maker) (FD)

Segment: Classroom Applications - Cool things that we (or others) are doing with Google in the classroom.

I can share an experience I had at the Google booth (teacher having problems w google sites) if there is nothing else (sw)

Fred wants to hear about everyone’s ISTE experiences? Who did you meet for the first time? What did you learn? How was the Google Party?

California  GAfE summit -

Next GTA is in NYC in early October! Applications due July 29th: