EduWin Weekly #006

Show #6 Featuring Art Teacher, Tricia Fuglestad

Mike: Welcome to #Eduwin Weekly!  The show that highlights the successes of educators, students and parents in and out of classrooms around the world!
And I’m your host Michael Walker, a Technology Integration Specialist in the Twin Cities, and joining me for his second stint as co-host is Dennis Grice, Great to have you back with us, Dennis! So I didn’t scare you off last week?

Dennis Not at all, glad to be back. I figured I could take 20 minutes away from my “Draw Something” games to co-host the #Eduwin podcast with you again. Actually I’m hoping our guest can give me some pointers to improve my game.

Interview Segment:
Mike: Well to fill in our listeners, the EduWin movement grew out of a desire by many educators to get out the positive message of great things happening in classrooms every day.When looking for guests for our show, we follow the #EduWin stream, looking for interesting posts and the people who posted them. We are really pleased and honored to have Tricia Fuglestad joining us this week. Tricia is an Art teacher from Dryden Elementary School in Arlington Heights, Illinois, who contributes to the aRTs Roundtable podcast. She maintains a site that showcases student work at and used the #EduWin hashtag a lot lately to showcase the great things happening in her classroom! Welcome, Tricia!
Tell us a bit how you started getting involved with EduWin.


Dennis- Looking through your videos I see that you’re kids are doing a lot with iPads. What are some your favorite creative apps right now? Also, I’ve got to know what app you used for rotoscoping. That was really impressive.

Tricia’s post on Brushes and other Apps for Art.
Drop Box
Doink-3rd graders Alien project

Tricia-"Show kids the evidence that the world is watching!"

Mike Tricia, I am wondering what the emphasis on core content and subjects that are tested has had on your arts curriculum? What are some ways, besides EduWin that people who recognise the importance of the arts and design can get involved in support for Arts Ed?

Pilot/Can I be first? Delivering in a better way.
Advocating to decision-makers
Demonstrate that Artsed promotes problem-solving, higher level thinking, creativity which are all valued skills in 21st century learners
Showing the community (taxpayers) all the wonderful things Arts Education offers students

Dennis -

Segment 2:
Favorite EduWins this week:
Mike- Last week, I was collaborating with one of our PE teachers, who has 3 large workbooks he has printed out over the years for students taking his fitness class. Last week, I helped him set up a Moodle course and make his books electronic, to a) save the environment and b) allow his students to access the books electronically. Now he’ll be able tie assessment to the text and the students can get immediate feedback.!/micwalker/statuses/197022803822780417

Dennis - For me, I see an #eduwin when I see one of my teachers taking something they’ve learned and running with it. This week I’m sending kudos out to Sarah, our third grade teacher who set up Animoto accts for each of her students. She had them use photos from their field trip to the Heritage Museum and turn them into a video describing their experience - sharing what they learned. Now that I’ve seen what Tricia’s done, I think next we’ll have to get them to use Animoto teach something. Thanks for the inspiration.

I would love to share our latest #eduwin with your listeners.
My 5th students volunteer to make Fugleflicks, Art-Related, Student-Created, videos to teach something about art. They work during their lunch recesses recording an original song (these videos are usually musical) storyboard, stage, film, and edit. The process is usually takes 3-8 weeks depending and involves so much collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity that no matter the results it’s a wonderful learning experience. But our goal to to make an educational video that can be used for instruction. One of our videos, Elementary Musical (introducing the Elements of Art with song and dance) turned out so adorable that we looked for other avenues to showcase it. (see the behind the scenes video)
Rushton Hurley’s Spring Shoots student video contest online- see my post see
Screened in a Student Film Fest in a local art center See my post.
Shared via Twitter and @colleenKR in Canada  ~ shared at school board meeting w/ students, admin, board members, Ministry guests! View her website
Just learned that our first film fest in 2007 made a lasting impression for one student. See her story.

Looking ahead:
That will do it for EduWin Weekly! A big thanks to  all educators who are trying to push the positive stories in education to the forefront.  If you would like to follow the EduWin Movement, check out the right side of EdReach’s front page, or Search #EduWin on, or go to  You can follow us on Twitter by going to @micwalker and @dgrice and Tricia, yours is... @fuglefun
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