EduWin Weekly #003

Segment One:   Introduction to EduWin - Real Quick mention of the website and campaign …
    1. As regular listeners of the program know...EdReach’s: Campaign

Segment Two:  
  1. Identify and summarize Judi’s post from last week.
  2. Highlight some intriguing EduWins from the previous week. 1 EduWin from each of us
    1. Michael:I really related to Eric Grauke’s post about helping a veteran teacher who was less than technologically savvy with some new technology.!/egrauke/statuses/162993183649832960
    2. Scott: Got an email from an 8th gr about copyright and wants me to talk to one of his friends, he thinks ANYTHING on the net is useable. #EduWin!/musictechie/status/161577286582284288
  3. Personal EduWin of the Week
    1. Scott: Seeing the final touches come together on the ICE Conference in Illinois for the end of this month.  It is almost all volunteers!  350 workshops and breakout sessions.  Fantastic keynote and spotlight speakers including Karen Cator.  
    2. Michael:My personal Eduwin this week was participating virtually in the Educon conference in Philadelphia. I attended the conference in person in 2009, and it was one of the best learning experiences of my life. This weekend, I participated in 3 sessions: David Jakes talked about a protocol for conversations about change called, “What If.”!/micwalker/status/163326680813944832 Then later on Saturday,Chad Sansing, Kirsten Olson, Christina Cantrill, and Paul Oh facilitated a session titled Permission to Speak? Creating Communities of Advocacy in Education. This is very similar to some of the work we’re doing here, and well worth the time of anyone interested in the #Eduwin movement to check out.  Finally, I had the pleasure on Sunday of sitting in on Tyrone Kidd, Jeff Kessler , two students at Science Leadership Academy, along with instructor Marcy Hull discuss “Forging Student/Teacher Relationships in an Era of Shared Learning: Revisited. They presented on this topic as freshman, and shared how they learn along with teachers.  I had the pleasure of meeting Tyrone and Jeff 3 years ago at SLA, and they invited me to their session. I’ve been following their progress ever since. Some might know Jeff as @educoncierge! He’s quite an entrepreneur,. and definitely going places!

Segment Three:  Guest of the Week
  1. Interview our EduWin Guest of the Week.  Don has been a member of Judi’s Eduwinner circle with his post, “ I scored an #EduWin by sharing this wonderful story from one of my former students.”  
    1. What does EduWin mean to you?
    2. Why should teachers be a part of this movement?
    3. Tell us a little bit more about the EduWin:

Segment Four: Challenge of the Week or Month
    • Try and get one colleague to tweet an EduWin once a a day!
    • Engage someone else by starting a conversation about their #eduwin.    
    • “Spread the word about the best things happening in education….What is your #EduWin? Post them at:”

  • Special Thank you to Rushton Hurley for mentioning EduWin during his keynote speeches recently.