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EdunationCast 011

James Sanders
Adam Bellow  
Jim Sill
Lisa Highfill
Daniel Rezac

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Videos of the Week
Adam: - Good Night iPad
Jim: All 3 Versions of Leaving the Factory. A little film geeky

I could also do: Address Is Approximate. Not sure who shared it on twitter, but so good.

THe Beauty of a Second-

Segment : Demo Dance

Dan shares:  Mine Mine!  

Jim Sill shares:   

Adam shares:

James shares:

reminds me of the blog (jim)

The Round Table

Should Bill Gates stay out of education?

Now, he has thrown his support behind the idea that America has too many bad teachers, and he is pouring billions into the hunt for bad teachers. As the Times article shows, he has bought the support of a wide range of organizations, from conservative to liberal. He has even thrown a few million to the teachers' unions to gain their assent. Unmentioned is that Gates has gotten the federal government to join him in his current belief that what matters most is creating teacher evaluation systems tied to student test scores.

Looking ahead:  Join us next week where we talk about:  

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Lisa Highfill