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EdGamer 81: John Hunter Brings Us World Peace

Happy Holidays EdGamer listeners...this week we give you a gift...our very first interview with a Ted Talk speaker...the amazingly insightful John Hunter. Mr. Hunter is the innovative force behind the World Peace Game and he is having a huge impact on the gaming and learning field. Join us for one of our most interesting episodes yet. Don't miss this EdGamer first...tune-in and level-up!

Current affairs....

  • What is the World Peace Game? (short description)

  • What is your philosophy concerning games?

  • Why do games...why does this game make such an impact on your students?

  • Beyond the the sessions they are running are there resources teachers and schools could get access to to begin planning to a World Peace Game.

  • Are there schools participating virtually with each other? i.e. a different school taking on each different country?

  • Are there discussions about taking this into a fully virtual world? Similar to the HIVE Gerry runs?

World Peace Game

Sonshi - Modern application of the art of war

National Geographic Interview with John Hunter

NPR Interview with John Hunter

The Norwegians play the World Peace Game

Show Host: Zack Gilbert

Show Contributor: Gerry James  

Guest: John Hunter 

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