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EdGamer 110: Rob Steller Shares His ClassXP Kickstarter

This week on EdGamer 110 we hang out with two new guests: Rob Steller and Josiah Hills!  The guys walk us through their Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming educational platform ClassXP. We discuss the implications this program can have for teachers and assessment as well as how it differs from the gamification trends in the field. Don’t miss this episode. Tune-in and level-up!

What parents of boys of ADHD or autism should know about video games


ClassXP Kickstarter

http://etc.crec.org/ (Podcast Ed Tech Conversations from Rob and Josiah)

Show Host: Zack Gilbert

Show Contributor/Producer: Gerry James  

Show GuestRob Steller 

Show GuestJosiah Hills

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