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EdCeptional #025 - Kickin' it with Kevin

Keeping our Kids Safe Online

Tonight we are honored to be joined on our show by the one and only Kevin Honeycutt. Kevin is an internationally known speaker. He has presented all over the world with his special style of storytelling. Kevin asks the tough questions that we should all be asking our selves. He is a master storyteller, a talented musician and one of my favorite presenters...Please welcome to our show Kevin Honeycutt!

Share one tip you would share with parents/teachers to keep their children safe online:

Kevin Honeycutt:
Patrick Black: know the rules, don’t assume them
Deb Truskey: Set your privacy features immediately upon joining a site and visit them often to make sure that all is secure.
Tricia Lazzaro: Set expectations that you and your child both know and understand then monitor your child and know where they spend there time on the Internet.
Your host for tonight....Anne Truger: Be sure to monitor what your child is doing...be an informed watchdog. Keep the computer in the main room if possible.

Videos: These are MUST see videos from Kevin Honeycutts Youtube channel

21st Century Playground
I need my teachers to learn 2.1
Creating Authors
A Front row seat


Internet safety for individuals on the Spectrum
  • have to be individualized
  • negotiated
  • common sense rules


http://www.mysafesurf.org - Kevin’s list of best online safety sites

http://www.mysafesurf.org/the-online-safety-song.html - link to Kevin’s songs

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