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aRTs Roundtable #4: Transliteracy

Show contributors:
Carol Broos @musictechie
Tricia Fuglestad @fuglefun
Brenda Muench @bmuench
Jen Kolze @clarinet_jen

Today’s Topic:
Insert links to possible news stories, quotes, etc.,
Transliteracy -

Carol - The Big Picture
I love the power of youtube and the blurring of art and music.

The Big Picture - collaboration of art, music, dance, and theater
How we did it

Brenda - Pete the Cat Project
Author site: - Eric Litwin
Illustrator site - - James Dean
video of a live performance -

Tricia- Buffy Hamilton
See the presentation on Transliteracy by Buffy Hamilton
Teach students to be comfortable across a variety of mediums and move from being a consumer to a producer.

Digital Storytelling as a means of teaching students to be transliterate:
combines: music, art, writing, sequencing, collaborating, communicating, creating and sharing w/ technology

Jen -
I realize this is ME!

Tool/ App/ Word/ Question of the week?
Cool website we found

Online stickers
How to access youtube in schools

Jen: great site for finding all sorts of Smartboard lessons & interactive plans

Brainpop’s video on the science behind Snowflakes (this is one of their free videos)
My students emailed me their digital snowflakes and I uploaded them to our online gallery:
Brenda: Youtube with out clutter
ViewPure -
SafeShare.TV -