aRTs Roundtable

Carol Broos @musictechie
Brenda Muench @bmuench
Jen Kolze @clarinet_jen

Today’s Topic:
Interactive Whiteboards and Apple TV with iPads

Carol -
Promethean can read Smart Notebook files
Lots of resources
My resources

Brenda  - Using layers is key for me when making interactive files. The more layers there are the longer I can utilize the file. 2 4 6 8 Compose
Also we love using game boards on the Smartboard in music. It means we can save separate files for  each class and know exactly where all the game pieces are.

Tricia-  I started a list of IWB ideas for art class on my Art is Interactive Wiki

I usually draw digitally while children create physically. I show them what not to do, let them practice, brainstorm, explore on the interactive whiteboard. It’s a safe place to plan the artwork. We also use interactive websites for all class learning experiences. They love to take turns on the board. See this video clip of kindergartners playing the pumpkin matching game after working on our pumpkin patch landscape. It was like an episode of the Price is Right!

Jen -  
Have been using the Splashtop apps along with iPad to control IWB, as well as give the iPad to students to control from seat.  Allows me to walk around the room and not have to be in the front of the classroom with the computer all the time.  Sometimes quirky, but getting the hang of it.  First year with the board in the music room.

(from last week): great site for finding all sorts of Smartboard lessons & interactive plans

Tool/ App/ Word/ Question of the week? (you decide)
Cool website we found
Each contributor can share one cool thing, either website or app:

QR voice
YouTube for schools
How to set it up

(Saving my apps for next week)

Music Master

Jen: free and paid interactive music lessons, including drums around the world, rhythm math, etc. PrimaryPad is a web-based word processor designed for schools that allows pupils and teachers to work together in real-time.

Jackson is perfect for the IWB. Touch the screen to start an abstract paint splashed Jackson Pollock-ish painting. It randomly changes colors with each new touch. Longer touches make thicker paint splashes, short touches make thinner paint drips.
tons of art creation and exploration interactive games

IWB Apps: Explain Everything & Educreation
You can mirror your iPad through your projector and use IWB apps. Pass the ipad around and let each child contribute. Here is a posting by Scott Meech on the site that explains how to set up your HD projector or standard projector with Apple TV

Isle of Tune - Make a musical loop island!