Introduce EDpuzzle to Your Classroom

Start with 1  video in the classroom

Show your students how to behave in front of the video and how to answer the questions. Show them the analytics you collect.

Let the students use their own devices

You can also organize different stations in class in case you don't have a device for every student.

Go ahead & flip your classroom!

Choose a topic you are familiar with and create a few video-lessons. Students will watch the videos at home. 

Introduce EDpuzzle to Your Colleagues

Check out and share this 60-second introductory video

We have also put together a short Professional Development presentation with best practices on how to introduce EDpuzzle to your colleagues :) This short video will guide you through it.

Presenting at a Conference?

Thanks so much for helping us spread the word :)

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions you may have or help you may need.

Tips & Stories From Other Teachers

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