Competitive Show Choir

Show Choir 2017
    ♫ Competitive Show Choir ♪

Amy Pitts, Vocal Music Director (405) 726-5862

Melanie Bailey, Vocal Music Assistant (405) 726 5879

Show Choir is an awesome opportunity for students who love to sing AND dance! This is an extracurricular activity, so most rehearsals will occur outside of the regular school day. It is open to 7th and 8th Grade Sequoya students in full year or 2nd semester choir, band, and orchestra, or with special permission from Ms. Pitts. Please note the fee/paperwork requirements and the rehearsal/performance information below!

  • $30 uniform rental/ choreography/ contest entry fee.
  • Additional fee for Frontier City Ticket and T-shirt (TBA.)
  • Permission slips/ contracts will be distributed and payments collected beginning November 27th.
  • Follow the remind by texting 81010 the following code: @csc1718
IF YOU NEED THE PERMISSION SLIP/SHOW CHOIR CONTRACT you can download and print it from here.

"Sing" Choreo if you missed it/want to practice at home (wink, wink). 

YouTube Video

If you'are trying out for a solo in The Voice Within, you can practice with these tracks.
1st solo - beginning (m.1-18) 
2nd solo - gospel style over the choir (m.53-64)
There is a performance and accompaniment cut for each

Voice Within Solo cuts

  • October/November Rehearsals EVERY FRIDAY Cougar Time
  • Beginning Dec 1: Rehearsals Wednesday (and some Friday) mornings before school 7:10-7:40am
  • Friday, December 1st, and Friday, January 5th: REQUIRED choreography rehearsals (3:00-5:30)
  • Dance shoes you will wear to perform in (black jazz shoes for girls, black dress shoes for boys) should be worn at all choreography rehearsals!
  • Changes in rehearsal schedule will be communicated primarily via remind (see code above.)

Rehearsal Schedule:


F,  Dec 1: Choreo 3:00-5:30

W, Dec 6:  AM

F,  Dec 8: AM

W, Dec 13: AM

F,  Dec 15: AM


F, Jan 5: Choreo 3:00-5:30

W, Jan 10: AM

W, Jan 17: AM

W, Jan 24: AM

F,  Jan 26: AM

W, Jan 31: AM


F,  Feb 2: AM

W, Feb 7: AM

F,  Feb 9: AM

W, Feb 14: AM

F,  Feb 16: AM

W, Feb 21: AM

W, Feb 28: AM


F,  Mar 2: AM

W, Mar 7: AM

M, Mar 12: Final Dress Rehearsal 3:00-5:30*

W, Mar 14: Contest: Carl Albert

W, Mar 28: AM

F,  Mar 30: AM


W, Apr 4: AM

F,  Apr 6: AM

W, Apr 11: AM

F,  Apr 13: AM

W, Apr 18: AM

W, Apr 20

W, Apr 25: Contest: Santa Fe


W, May 2: AM

F,  May 4: AM

S, May 5: Contest: Heartland Music Fest

Contests: (All times TBA)

March 14th Carl Albert HS Show Choir Contest

April 25th Santa Fe Show Choir Contest

May 5th: Heartland Music Festival

@ Frontier City (all day)

Young Men Black: dress slacks, dress shoes, socks; long-sleeved white dress shirt (tucked in), belt if needed (student provides) . Black vest and purple tie (we provide).

Young Women Purple swing dress (we provide), black undershorts, skin-colored hose and black jazz shoes (student provides). No jewelry!

*Parents/ families welcome to watch final dress rehearsal at 5:00pm.

If you missed our first rehearsal, we covered the choreo for Listen to the Music.  You may practice with our recording here.

Melanie Bailey,
Nov 29, 2017, 10:30 AM