Grading Policies

Grading Policies
This class focuses on preparing for performances. If a student is unable to attend a performance, they are letting the rest of the group down and cheating themselves of the opportunity to perform. Thus, attendance is mandatory for all required performances. Students will receive the full amount of points for the concert if they are on time, behave appropriately, and perform to the very best of their ability. An absence from a performance will only be considered excused if the student and parent contact Ms. Pitts at least three days before a performance; however, the student will need to complete a written make-up assignment. Please be aware that since each performance is 20% of the grade, the make-up assignment will be accordingly large. Unexcused absences will result in a lowered grade. Emergencies will be considered on an individual basis. Please note that care has been taken to notify you of these performances as soon as possible and to avoid any other school events. Organizations outside of Edmond Public Schools typically excuse students for performance related absences when notified well-ahead of time! 

Performances (Tests) 40%
 7th & 8th Grade 

Fall Semester: Fall Concert (10/22 or 11/16)

Winter Concert (12/13)

Spring Semester: OSSAA Contest (2/28/19)       Spring Concert (5/16/19)

 6th Grade (for whichever semester enrolled)

Fall Semester: 6th Grade Festival (10/2/18)

Winter Concert (12/13/18)

Spring Semester: 6th Grade Festival (4/9/19)

Spring Concert (5/16/19)

A weekly participation grade will be given that is based on:
  • Effort put into singing (you will never be graded on how well you sing!)
  • Attentiveness in group activities
Additional Assignments may include but are not limited to:
  • Bell Work
  • Solfege Quizzes
Recovery: If a student is calling out or exhibiting other distracting or off-task behavior, the teacher may ask for the student to go to “recovery.” This is not intended to be a punishment, but a time for the student to re-group and then rejoin the class when they are ready. Students asked to go to recovery will need to complete an alternate assignment in the form of a level-appropriate music theory worksheet in order to earn their participation grade. If a student is asked to go into recovery frequently, the student’s grade may be affected and the teacher may contact parents/ guardians for help in aiding with this issue. 

Tardies: As consistent with school policy, students who are tardy to class will be given one warning, and then a lunch detention. Frequent or egregious (over 10 minutes) tardies will result in parent notification, and referral to grade level principal.

Eligibility: The school policy states that students must be academically eligible in order to travel and perform at any choir event. Any student who is failing one or more class for two weeks before an event will not be able to travel or compete with Sequoyah Middle School choir. Students are allowed to sing in fall, winter, and spring concert.