6th Grade Choir

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Amy Pitts, Vocal Music Director (405) 726-5862 amy.pitts@edmondschools.net

Melanie Bailey, Vocal Music Assistant (405) 726 5879 melanie.bailey@edmondschools.net

Welcome to Vocal Music at Sequoyah! At Sequoyah vocal music, we are dedicated to the development of healthy vocal techniques, music literacy skills, and personal growth of every student. Middle school is a crucial time in a person’s development, and being a part of a performing arts group such as this can provide a sense of belonging and purpose to this often challenging time in a young person’s life, as well as creating a life- long talent and hobby that one will enjoy for years to come. I urge every parent to support your student in his or her endeavors by attending concerts and encouraging them to participate in all of the extra activities that we have to offer!

Parents and guardians, please:

  • Sign and date the attached Vocal Music Contract and Edmond Public Schools Medical Excursion Form.

  • Ensure that your email and contact information on Infinite Campus is correct and up to date. Updates, reminders, and the Vocal Music Newsletter will be sent to that address.

  • Follow us on remind by texting @CC61718 to 81010


Required events are listed below in bold. A reminder email we be sent out confirming times and locations and more specific details if any are needed.

  • 6th Grade Fall Concert, Tuesday, October 10th at 6:30 (Students arrive 6:15)  at Sequoyah MS

  • Winter Performance at Quail Springs Mall (Additional permission slip) Date TBA

  • Winter Concert, Monday Dec 18th, at 6:30 (Students arrive 6:15)  at Sequoyah MS

Additional Opportunities

6th Grade Festival: 6th Grade Festival is a district-wide choir festival for all Edmond 6th Grade Chorus students on Monday, April 2, 2018.  We will all learn several pieces and come together for a daytime rehearsal and  a combined concert with three high school choirs that evening. While first semester students won’t be enrolled in choir, some may still be invited to participate.  We will let you know about any extra rehearsals we may be holding.

Community Performances: Community performances, such as the winter performance at Quail Springs Mall, are not required, but are a fun opportunity for students to perform around the community! These performances are a privilege, and therefore students must display their ability to behave appropriately throughout the semester to attend. Information regarding these performances and an additional permission slip will be distributed regarding these and other similar performance opportunities.


This year, thanks to bond money, we were able to invest in uniform polos! These will be loaned to you at no cost! If a polo is not returned or is returned damaged, a replacement fee of $20 will be applied. Students will need to wear jeans with the polo for all performances unless otherwise notified.

T-Shirts:T-Shirts will be made available this year and are separate from the polo uniform. Optional performances (such as the Edmond Arts Festival in the spring) may require the purchase of a T-shirt. (The T-shirt design will remain the same in the front from previous years, and therefore may be re-worn.) Additional ordering information regarding T-shirts will be distributed.