Have you...? (Tips & New Family Info)

Parent/Student Checklist (this list is in-progress)

1. Sign up for Musical Theater
2. Check calendar for rehearsals and shows (Rehearsal Calendar)
3. Read through EHPA participation contract
4. Submit audition form and audition resume with audition (for DA and AMT levels)

New Family Theater Cheat Sheet

TECH WEEK – means that there is rehearsal every night the week prior to the performance. Be prepared to return to school for 3+ hour rehearsal evenings.  If there is an event scheduled for your child's class level, this event will include the students.

CALL TIME - Call time is when your student needs to be in the choir/green room before a show.  It is usually 1-2 hours before the show time depending on each show and the level of makeup/hair/costume preparation needed.

EHShows.com – THIS IS YOUR GO TO RESOURCE. Website for the shows performed at Edmonds Heights. This is the main resource for you to go to, to buy tickets, see the seating chart, log volunteer hours, find descriptions of volunteer positions and sign up for volunteer positions.

Facebook page – Edmonds Height K12 Performance Arts – watch for announcements.

Ask your volunteer coordinator if you have questions, they know how to get the answers.

If you are nervous about signing up for a position you do not know, the theater team is very helpful. There are trainings for some of the positions as well as specialists that are very approachable and can help you out.

After each show, students help clean up dressing rooms and green room.  After the last show, students should also take home personal items.  Don't just leave.  Parents/Students participate in strike (dismantling sets and bagging costumes for cleaning).