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URSA aims to facilitate, educate and undertake Undergraduate Research at the community college level in all academic disciplines, ranging from Business to Engineering to Music to Psychology.  We offer workshops in research-relevant tools and methods, give back to the community by creating and maintaining scientific equipment for future EdCC students and guide student-research at the one-to-one level.  We can help you start your undergraduate research project, find places for you to present your research, or you can find other students with similar interests to attain your research goals and make connections in research that will last for the whole of your academic career.

Club scope & objectives:
URSA is working to create an atmosphere where EdCC students can contribute and collaborate on Undergraduate Research Projects (UGR) in an interdisciplinary way to the ends of all interests and endeavors.  Create unique and new projects, find projects in our archives to build upon, or use previously built UGR equipment to pursue new avenues of similar research.

What is the purpose of URSA?
  • Introduce new students to UGR, the process of research
  • Create a meeting place for those who wish to help others but who are unable to undertake a project themselves.
  • Archive past projects so students can see the variety of research paths or to build upon the research of past students.
  • Learn about equipment that was part of a project, so it can be used for future projects.
  • Share knowlege and tools 


Member roles:
Collaborators:  Group of students working on a project with defined project goals.  Group has advisor approval.

Contributors:   Individual students or group of students with desire to help collaborators. This is a entry point for new student interested in UGR.  Many projects need help from many disciplines to complete the different aspects of the projects. Many need help with their project to finish collecting data, building  relevant devices, code programs, analyze data statistically, or to create a polished project, paper or poster for publication and review.