About START 

What does START help with? 


Log in assistance and password resets
Password reset can also be done by ACS lab techs
Navigating and use of Canvas
How to create a discussion
How to add a module
How to customize features

EdMail set up and forwarding
How to create a signature
How to add a picture
Using Filters and Labels

Google Apps / Google Drive

How to create an online digital portfolio
How to set up a Study Group site
Creating Google Documents, Spreadsheet or Presentations
Sharing documents with classmates
Functions and features

Google Tutorials

Basic PC

Student wireless
Clearing your browser cookies or cache
Setting a home page
Navigating site (tips and tricks)
Computer help
Assistance with software downloads (waiver required)
START does not supply software
How to creating a new folder
How to save a file
Using a flash drive

More Tutorials

Issues START has helped students with

- Winter 2014 Quarter Drop in Service -
Our 22 staff members, have assisted over 900 Unique Students with a total of 1162 questions/issues.


- Fall 2013 Quarter Drop in Service -
Our 20 staff members, have assisted 1150 Unique Students with a total of 1507 questions/issues