SWE Home Page

What is SWE at EdCC?

SWE (Society of Women Engineers) is a coed club that supports the motion of females in STEM, especially in engineering. We strive to achieve this by raising awareness of the gender gap in the engineering field, as well as building a supportive community for our fellow female engineers-to-be here at EdCC! We also do outreach events, such as Expanding Your Horizons, to help reach out to the younger generation and influence more girls to go into STEM. This club is NOT exclusive to women or engineering majors; we welcome and appreciate anyone of any gender and background who is interested in helping us achieve our goals!

Why Join SWE?

Well, we have a lot to offer you.

  • Work on projects with your fellow SWE members! We are currently working on projects for our EdCC Community including EdCC's Campus Community Garden

  • Volunteer for outreach opportunities that help increase interest in STEM among young girls in K-12

  • Learn/Improve skills through our workshops that we plan to do including: soldering, 3d printing, working with power tools, and more!

  • Attend and partake in events and conferences such as: WiSE conference, Expanding Your Horizons, and STEM/Engineering panels.

  • Lastly, get support from our community!

Want more info about the official SWE? Check out their website: http://societyofwomenengineers.swe.org/