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    Helping You Stay in the Game

    Project management skills are valued in many different industries and are recognized as vital for many management positions. A certificate in project management will help you refine your experience and talents to be more marketable in business. This certificate can be earned in just 3 quarters, less than a year, with day and night options.
    An advisory board of industry professionals designed the certificate to give experienced, talented students the skills they need for jobs today and tomorrow. Instructors experienced in project management teach the classes.

    In the program, you will have opportunities to learn leadership skills such as:
    • Managing short-term projects
    • Planning, building and working with teams
    • Creating schedules
    • Identifying project risks
    • Allocating resources and budgets
    All these skills will help you enter management or advance your career. 

    Who Should Attend

    This certificate program is designed for individuals interested in broadening their skills in the area of project management:

    • Professionals working as project coordinators or project managers
    • Employees of companies who are beginning to implement project management processes
    • Individuals looking for a change in their career and looking to add project management to their marketable skills
    • Project team members
    • Anyone who wants to increase their skills in project management and improve their employment marketability



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