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Welcome to Project Home Ambassadors Club!

What is the EdCC Project Home Ambassadors? 
The Project Home Ambassadors (PHA) is under the direction of The Center for Student Engagement and Leadership (CSEL), Housing and Residence Life, and the Project Home Ambassador Student Club. Its purpose is to help provide rental/hotel assistance to nearly homeless students presently attending Edmonds Community College. An Edmonds CC student applying for a PHA scholarship must meet the criteria in order to be considered.
After fill out the Application and preparing all needed information, please bring the forms to the Housing Office in Rainier Place.

For more information or questions, email: pha_club@edmail.edcc.edu

Want to join Project home Ambassadors group?

We meet every Friday 1pm @Rainier place 2nd floor.

Upcoming Events:

  • Volunteer - PAWS, Animal Shelter  - 5/18/2018 @ 1-4PM
  • Volunteer - End of the year Celebration - 6/01/2018 @ 4- 6PM